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The musical project Ber is a collaboration between singer-songwriter Gabriel Böhmer, and guitarist Nacho. Together they accompany gravelly minimal folk songs with experimental forest rock guitars, trains, and other animals.

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Inspired by the tactile, Fort Growing was recorded through an old, and slightly broken, turntable speaker. Minimal songs are weaved with driving guitars and, sometimes gravelly, sometimes baritone, vocals. The end result is raw and imperfect, but also warm and nostalgic. In addition to the usual array of stringed musical instruments, the album also features the sounds of leaves, various objects being hit with a hammer, wind passing over empty bottles, rain, and a further array of scratched things that eventually ended up being broken. Fort Growing explores the handmade side of things. Themes of home, metamorphosis, and the absurd, are nestled in between some trees. From where they whisper 'Dear friends, let's have some fun. Run in the forests and fields. Leave the city for a little bit. Let us behave like the crazy townspeople we are. The wild beckons you!'

Ber can be seen playing in venues around their home-base of Edinburgh. To follow their adventures, check out their Facebook page.